How North Carolina became such a clusterf*ck

Take a look at what John Oliver had to say about NC and other southern states last night:

Ballotproof (The Daily Show)

It pains me to see my home state making the news for all of the wrong reasons lately. While I voted for the new governor based on his performance as mayor of Charlotte, he has turned into quite the partisan monster since taking power. Gone are the days of bi-partisanship in this state. We are becoming more and more an extension of our southern half.

Click here to see what I believe to be the cause of our current idiocracy (Bloomberg)

It’s clear from that data that the good people of this state are not being represented fairly. While I am no bleeding heart liberal, I am 100% against corruption and political power grabs. The war on education and civil rights taking place in NC is disgusting, but perhaps all of this media coverage will help level the scales during the next election.


3 thoughts on “How North Carolina became such a clusterf*ck

  1. I am curious, what difference does it make if a area votes democrate or republican? seems to me no matter who is in power the results are the same, injustice, high taxes, regulations and lower standard of living for everyone due to agenda 21 policies (smart growth, redistribution of wealth, sustainable development etc) being implemented all over the globe. it seems no matter what state or country you go to the policies and results seem to be the same, could this all just be a red herring or divide and conquer tactic? not trying to start an argument I just can’t grasp why people keep making the same mistakes over and over again and expect different results. you knwo if we just get the right people in office, if we just reform this law or that law, or rescind this law or that, or if we just can lower taxes or decrease regulations on this aspect of life or that life would improve or if we just make this change or that things will improve for the productive and poor classes, when it all seems like people are fighting peice meal instead of getting at the heart of the matter. the heart of the matter from what I can tell is people have forgotten God, do not recognize his right to rule and have decided for themselves what is right wrong good or bad and are trying to reform an unreformable system (because it was bad to begin with) unless you can change the hearts of those who get into power those who are wealthy and those who manage to get to the top of the pyramid and make them into loving kind unselfish human beings you will never achieve a truly peaceful and happy world. unless you can reform satan, (which you cant) and get rid of the human tendency for corruption when given power then you will only befighting and exhausting yourselves into hopeless despair. do you know what I mean? Jesus never tried nor told his disciples to reform the governments of their day (or the people for that matter) but rather he said go abroad and preach the kingdom (government by god) of God. making more disciples (taught one). he knew the solution was not getting the right people into office, heaven knws jesus was the best candidate for the job but he refused. there was aman who was incorruptible. nc is a very pretty state by the way been there many times, spent my teen age years there in the summer months. the flora and fauna there are awesome.

    1. I don’t mean to be rude… but did you even read my post or click on the link?

      The GOP received only 3.6% more of the popular vote in 2012, yet they won 40% more seats in the House. This is due to gerrymandering, and I don’t support that by either party. I tend to support middle of the road politicians.

      I tend to believe God has nothing to do with politics in our state, as every elected official in NC is a Christian (you can’t hold office as an Atheist in NC). Most conservative Christians vote for politicians who enact legislation to put a larger burden on the poor and provide larger benefits to the most wealthy. It is hypocrisy that is the root of the problem, not a loss of connection with God. Perhaps they have lost his message although they attend church every Sunday. Atheists are just as capable of caring about their community and those less fortunate.

      NC is beautiful. I have lived my entire life here. They are tarnishing our state and rotting us from the inside out. We have become the laughing stock of the nation thanks to our government.

      1. well what I meant was they declare they know God but disown him by their works, what basically means it is more to knowing God then just a few scriptures that he exists but rather knowing God means having a personal relationship with him, and your right God doens’t recognize other soverignty just is own he allows it for a time but he doens’t santion their actions or attitudes or greed. if you truly love God means to obey his laws even at great cost to yourself or inconvenience sometimes going to jail as some jw and others who love their fellow man for not going to war. right now there are around 800 witnesses in south korea in prison becauese of their neutrality (simply put the gov needs cannon fodder to do the dirty work of protecting their plantation) because they refuse to take up arms against others regardless of reasons. this is what I mean by knowing God, it means being willing to suffer evil for doing right, peter and paul talked about this knowing God, peter said we must obey God as ruler rather than men, so as long as they do not ask us to do or ban us for what we should be doing then we obey them, because frankly they are not long on this earth much longer. this means knowing God, remember they condemn jesus not for breaking the law but for breaking the legalistic rules of the leaders of the day, they were like your modern day mayors and city councils and lawyers. and guess what I am not laughing at you or your state at all, all these things are happening in all the states all the world, really globalistic legalistic burdens are on us all.

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