Yes, I am Still Alive

Wow. Due to a combination of factors, personal and professional, I have really let this page die off in the last month. I hope to reverse this trend after the holidays if I can’t seem to during them. I do have a great article to share with you all today that I think is insightful from not only an investment standpoint, but also from an investment industry standpoint:

Some solid bits from this interview:

To what extent has quantitative easing been of help? I’m eagerly waiting for it to be over. That’s the most bullish thing we can do. Everybody under the sun has got quantitative easing wrong. It’s not a stimulus; it’s depressive. We’re doing well not because of it but despite it. It flattens the yield curve and slows things down. Historically, the steeper the slope, the more bullish for the economy ahead.

What are the chances of a recession next year? You can predict the economy six months out by looking at the LEI. It always works. Not only hasn’t it fallen; it’s been going up. We’ve never, ever had a recession while it was high and rising — never, ever, ever.

What’s your outlook for international investing? My preference is not international but global. Next year will be just fine. The U.S. stock market has done better than the world. Now, as we move through the rest of this bull market, that begins to equalize. Emerging markets are beaten up pretty badly and will probably get a bounce-back. European stocks are starting to play catch-up.

Take a look when you can as it is gives the insight of a truly successful and experienced investment professional. 


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