I started this blog as a way to share anecdotes/data/commentary, etc on the economy, markets, and general business topics. There are plenty of forecasters and analysts out there pushing their own agenda, but there are very few who simply post ideas/stories they find interesting and allow their readers to form their own opinions.

Quite frankly, if you are taking the time out of your day to find Finance & Econ blogs, you’re probably smart enough to put together the pieces the way you want.

For multiple reasons I will remain anonymous… but for a slight bit of credibility, I possess a BSBA in Finance and multiple years of experience in the financial industry.

I do not intend to make forecasts or supply trading strategies, although my opinion may shine through from time to time. I do not want to be responsible for your trading gains or losses, I simply have an established and growing interest in financial markets and the global economy.


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