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Apple & US GDP

Everyone else is knee-deep in shit trying to give their story on why EM currencies are getting hammered. There’s enough noise on that front for you to sort through elsewhere. Take a look at these two articles to get away from that:


Rebecca Black said it’s going down today

I don’t know about you, but the weather here in NC has been remarkable and I’m looking forward to drinking beer outside in a hoodie. Nothing is more relaxing to me than fall weather. Hopefully you have some smashing plans for your weekend. Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning:

Also, take a look at this chart depicting the yield of 10-year treasuries:

10 yr Treasury yield
Source: @MatthewPhillips https://twitter.com/MatthewPhillips/status/380693432189984769/

We could have some room to go on the downside. My take on the chart, all quotes from Bullard on tapering today aside, is that support should be met around 2.5%. If that level is broken we could probably revisit the 2-2.2% range.




Monday’s Soup for Lunch

Here are a few articles I found worth your time this morning:

Enjoy and cheers to Monday morning coffee disasters.