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Apple & US GDP

Everyone else is knee-deep in shit trying to give their story on why EM currencies are getting hammered. There’s enough noise on that front for you to sort through elsewhere. Take a look at these two articles to get away from that:


Why I Love Emerging Markets

Two Reasons:

  1. Because, valuations.
  2. Everyone else fucking hates them.

If you have time and patience, I would be buying these emerging nations. So far this year the EEM is already down about 8%. It probably still has a little ways to go, but at these valuations, how can you hate them over the long run?

Sorry Steelers Fans

First, let me apologize for that dismal loss last night and the embarrassing 0-3 start in title town. At least the offense actually put up some stats last night… the good ones were just waaay overshadowed by the turnovers. 

Here are some great reads for your Monday:

It’s a New (mon)Day

My apologies on essentially neglecting my blog over the last week. While I made some tweets… or mainly re-tweets, I was very busy last week with work and didn’t have much time to make a post. I will try to be more resourceful with my time this week. 

Last week it appears that Emerging Markets began to come back to life, and today that narrative appears to be confirmed according to price action in $EFA, $EWZ, $RSX, $INDA, and $GXC. Most of this reincarnation seems to be based on data hinting that worries about China may be overblown.

While September is generally a weak month for US markets, we could see a positive performance if global data continues to turn more positive. This is especially possible in my eyes when you consider August’s extreme weakness. Here are a few articles I enjoyed this morning and I hope you will enjoy them also:

Have a great afternoon!

Not a post about The Backstreet Boys

That’s right, I’ve had to witness two days of facebook, twitter, and instagram posts about The Backstreet Boys who recently had two stops in NC. Quite frankly, it makes me sick to think that boy bands are able to make a reunion tour successful when there are great musicians out there creating actual music and not soppy pop.

So today I leave you with some great reads that will not play games with your heart: