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Inflation, and Sentiment, and Wages… OH MY!?

With all the craziness going on it’s nice to see that things may be (and I want to emphasize “may be”) calming down as investors start to realize this probably isn’t the end of the world and rather a healthy drop in the market. That’s not to say there aren’t plenty of things to worry about, but there also a few positives starting to show up that could help stabilize equities. Here’s a glimpse of what others are saying today:


Last Update of the Week

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, but it’s been a busy one for me. I will be taking a few days off starting tomorrow, so I don’t expect to make another post until next week. 

We’re having a big day in the market, and I assume it’s because confidence is building that our congress will do their job (imagine that). Here are some great articles to take a look at this morning:

I hope you all have a great weekend and can avoid throwing random objects at your TV while you watch this government debacle play out.