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Profit Margins: The Epicenter of the Valuation Debate

Is this market overvalued… or have valuations actually reached a “new era”?

via Profit Margins: The Epicenter of the Valuation Debate.

It’s my opinion that a combination of increased availability of information (the internet), and falling wages and rates since the 80’s/90’s have pushed valuations to a new normal that is higher than historical norms would suggest. I do believe we will witness margin compression as wages and rates rise sometime in the future (sooner than later hopefully)… however, IMO, this would be a short-term issue that would self-correct as demand increases due to increased wages and yields. This would push revenue and earnings higher regardless of moderate margin compression.

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Thursday Afternoon Nap Material

On jobless claims, China PMI, and ECB rate comments, it appears the S&P 500 will close above 1,700 for the first time in history.

Here are a few links discussing those stories and a few others I find worth the time: