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The Job Man Cometh

Good news today as the unemployment rate dropped to 7%. Fears of a taper have been silenced… at least for today… as the S&P has jumped back above 1800. Calculated Risk has provided a great run down of the employment report from this morning.

What I believe to be the greatest influence moving forward is “the end of austerity” at the state and local government level. It appears that state and local government employment has finally bottomed and is beginning an uptrend.


Usually government jobs have increased during a recovery, but that wasn’t the case in 2009 (illustrated here). The result in the past was an extra level of protection for the economy in the wake of a recession and a quicker recovery. If governments begin to hire at a more normal pace while private sector hiring continues to build, we could finally witness the kind of recovery expected after a normal recession.

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It’s a New (mon)Day

My apologies on essentially neglecting my blog over the last week. While I made some tweets… or mainly re-tweets, I was very busy last week with work and didn’t have much time to make a post. I will try to be more resourceful with my time this week. 

Last week it appears that Emerging Markets began to come back to life, and today that narrative appears to be confirmed according to price action in $EFA, $EWZ, $RSX, $INDA, and $GXC. Most of this reincarnation seems to be based on data hinting that worries about China may be overblown.

While September is generally a weak month for US markets, we could see a positive performance if global data continues to turn more positive. This is especially possible in my eyes when you consider August’s extreme weakness. Here are a few articles I enjoyed this morning and I hope you will enjoy them also:

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This should fill the last 2 hours of your Friday


With jobless claims missing estimates, you would think the market may experience more turmoil… yet it appears to be clawing it’s way back to even for the end of week closing.

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